Pretty good, my dear! You have some business cleverness yourself, I see, after all! Sufficient, at any rate, to recognize that you ought to be getting your share of your uncle's bequest. Just inform your brother-in-law, in your letter, that you are going to sign over to me the power of attorney to manage your affairs. That will bring him to time and fetch an answer!

But I'm not.

Not what?

Not going to sign away any 'power' I may have. I didn't know I had any. It's a pleasant surprise. I shall certainly hold on to it. I need it, whatever it is.

Without power of attorney to act for you, Margaret, I can't help you. You'll have to give it to me, said Daniel firmly. I'll bring up a paper from the office on Monday and Jennie and Sadie will witness your signature. Can't you get up and write to Walter now? I'll dictate the letter.

I wouldn't rise from this comfortable couch, Daniel, if the house were on fire.

It's very bad, very bad indeed, I'm sure, for you to lie about so much.

If you were carrying a weight of several tons, I guess you wouldn't be on your feet when you didn't have to.

'Several tons?' That's a gross exaggeration, Margaret.

I never was strong on figures or statistics, Margaret admitted.

Won't you try to get up and write the letter? I very much wish you to, urged Daniel, still quite unable to credit the fact which in these days frequently confronted him, that any feminine member of his household could fail to jump at his least bidding.

What do you want me to write? Margaret parried.

Great heavens! Daniel cried, exasperated. I've told you only about a dozen times!

A dozen? A gross exaggeration, I'm sure. And to call upon the heavens is irreverent. There, there, I won't tease you, she patted his hand; and he immediately clasped and held it, for he still adored her. But as I've told you, Daniel, that I won't sign over to you the power of attorney, there's nothing to write to Walter about.

Is this your idea of not 'teasing' me? I've said that without the power of attorney, I can't help you.

I don't want that kind of help, my dear, thank you very much.